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Strengthening Your Atheism - The Psychological Explanation for Religion
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Welcome to our web site!
Who is this website meant for?

First and mainly - for all of you whose minds tell you religion doesn't make sense and who would like to consider themselves atheists, but whose hearts have these moments of doubt. Those of you who are skeptic of religious beliefs, but in times of stress find themselves calling for God's help. Those of you who can outwardly present clear-cut and well-presented atheist ideas, but have this yanking "but yet...." in the back of their heads.

This site is intended to show you that these doubts and inner feelings are not a sign of divine presence lingering about, but rather the opposite: they are proof of the human origin of religion. Once you've learned and taken in the essence of the "Embryonic and Parental Shell Theory" that is presented on the next pages, you will better understand why it is so difficult to shake off religious inclinations against all better knowledge. Understanding the psychological origin of religion will help you to strengthen your atheism and aid others who attempt to shed the irrational religious misconceptions.

Let's move on to the Introduction!


Dr. Cornelis Mondt

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This site is presented to you by Dr. Cornelis Mondt, born 1965 in Holland, presently residing in the USA.
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